10.2. Check of level and replacement of liquid in the automatic transmission


The car has to stand on a plain horizontal surface.

Check of level of liquid

1. Tighten the parking brake and block wheels an emphasis, for an exception of swing of the car.
2. Launch the engine before warming up of the transmission up to the temperature of 60 ~ 70 °C.
3. At the working engine move the selector lever from a position P to situation 1 and back to a position P.
4. Leave the engine to work at idling rotation frequency.
5. Move the selector lever to a position P.


Use measurements on COOL scale (20 °C) only as approximate value.

6. Check the liquid level which has to be between HOT tags (65 °C). If necessary, add necessary amount of the required liquid.

Check of a condition of liquid



Carefully check a condition of liquid in the automatic transmission and define whether really the automatic transmission has to be dismantled. If liquid in the automatic transmission is polluted and burned slightly, it indicates the burned plates or brake tapes.

1. Check color of liquid in the automatic transmission.
2. Check liquids in the automatic transmission for presence of unusual smells. For definition of change of color and a smell of liquid, compare it to fresh liquid

Liquid replacement

1. Install the pallet for collecting liquid under the transmission.
2. Turn out a stopper and merge all liquid from the automatic transmission.
3. Screw a stopper into place.

Inhaling moment: 39–54 N • m

4. Take the probe for measurement of level of liquid and fill in necessary amount of the required liquid.

Liquid type for the automatic transmission: M-lll or dexron III
Capacity: 5,4 l


Do not pour liquid above F tag.

5. Check liquid level in the automatic transmission.