14.4. Replacement of brake hoses


1. A special key of OK130 430 019 turn off a connecting nut of a brake tube from a hose.
2. Release a clip and remove a brake hose from an arm.


1. Establish a brake hose in an arm and fix it by a clip.
2. Connect a brake hose to a brake tube and a special key of OK130 430 019 tighten a connecting nut.


Check that the brake hose is not bent.

Check that the brake hose does not concern other details of the car at turn of a steering wheel from an emphasis against the stop or when rocking a body of the car.

Inhaling moment: 13–22 N • m

3. Several times press a pedal of a brake and check lack of leaks from a brake hose and its connection with a brake tube.
4. Check the level of brake fluid which has to be between the tags of MAX and MIN located on a wall of a transparent popolnitelny tank.
5. Remove air from hydraulic system of the drive of brakes.