14.5. Height of installation of a pedal of a brake


Measure distance from the center of a pedal of a brake to a partition of a motor compartment.


1. Disconnect the socket from the switch of stoplights.
2. Weaken B lock-nut, and rotate the switch while it does not contact with a pedal.
3. Weaken a lock-nut of D and, rotating a pusher of C, adjust height of installation of a pedal of a brake. If necessary, turn out the switch to interfere with its contact with a brake pedal.
4. Screw the switch so that its plunger was completely drowned in the switch case, then turn out the switch on 1/2 turns. Tighten lock-nuts of B and D.
5. Connect the socket to the switch of stoplights.
6. Check action of stoplights.