15. Suspension bracket


The forward suspension bracket consists of a rack of MacPherson and one lower cross lever of a suspension bracket from each party of the car. The top end of each rack fixing on a body, and lower – fastens bolts to a rotary fist.

The shod rotary fist fastens bolts to the shock-absorber. The lower part of a rotary fist fastens to the spherical hinge of the lower cross lever. From the inside wide lower levers fasten via rubber plugs on each end.

The body inclination on turns is compensated by the hollow stabilizer of cross stability which connects to the lower levers of a forward suspension bracket.

Forward wheels are fixed on the naves established on bearings in rotary fists.

Forward suspension bracket

1 – the lobby is resistant;
2 – forward stabilizer;
3 – lower cross lever;
4 – steering draft;
5 – lock-nut;
6 – tip of steering draft;
7 – top support of a forward rack


Back suspension bracket – completely independent with MacPherson racks on each wheel. The shod support of a back nave fastens bolts to the shock-absorber, double back cross drafts and one longitudinal lever. Cross drafts and the longitudinal lever on the ends have rubber plugs. Cross drafts are fixed by bolts and nuts. The longitudinal lever fastens bolts to a support of a back nave and to an arm on the car bottom.


If the element of a back suspension bracket is deformed or damaged, do not try to prepare it. Always replace with a new detail.

Details of a back suspension bracket are very durable and are subject to replacement, only if the car visited accident. If the suspension bracket was damaged, check the adjusting sizes of the lower back part of the car. If the sizes differ from demanded, before installation of a back suspension bracket, it is necessary to perform works on restoration of the sizes of the lower back part of a body of the car. The hug bearing of a back wheel is not maintainable therefore at failure, the bearing needs to be replaced.

Back suspension bracket

1 – back rack;
2 – forward cross draft;
3 – back cross draft;
4 – back stabilizer;
5 – back cross beam;
6 – longitudinal lever;
7 – regulator;
8 – lock-nuts