16.64. Screen wiper lever


1. Switch on and off a windshield screen wiper in order that screen wiper levers with brushes stopped in a starting position.
2. Uncover and turn out a nut of fastening of the lever of a screen wiper.
3. Check that on the screen wiper lever from the driver there is a designation "DS", and on the lever from the forward passenger – the designation "PS". In the absence of designations, put them.
4. Remove the screen wiper lever.


1. Since the party of the forward passenger, install the screen wiper lever on a hinge axis.
2. Screw a nut of fastening of the lever.
Inhaling moment: 18–22 N • m


Work of screen wipers on a dry windshield is not allowed.

3. Establish a cover of a nut and check a zone of the movement of brushes on a windshield.