18:12. Repair of a starter


1 – traction relay;
2 – back cover;
3 – the brush holder with brushes;
4 – the stator with coils;

5 – forward cover;
6 – lever;
7 – obgonny coupling;
8 – rotor


1. Turn out a nut from the plug M.
2. Remove a stator wire from the plug M.
3. Turn out two screws and remove the traction relay.
4. Remove a spring of a plunger of the traction relay.
5. Disconnect a plunger from the lever, and remove a plunger.
6. Turn out hairpins of fastening of a back cover. Remove a forward cover from the starter engine. In the presence, remove planetary transfer from the engine.
7. Remove the lever.
8. A tubular mandrel bring down a clamp of a lock ring.
9. Remove a lock ring.
10. Remove a clamp of a lock ring and the obgonny coupling.
11. Turn out two screws and remove a back cover with the brush holder.
12. Take a rotor from the stator.
13. Remove washers from a rotor shaft.