18:22. Safety cushion of the driver

On cars the auxiliary security system (SRS – Supplemental Restrain System) better known as safety cushions is installed. The system consists of the sensors installed from the forward party of the car, safety cushions and the control unit and diagnostics.

The safety cushion of the driver is established in the center of a steering wheel. For signal transmission from the control unit to a safety cushion the spiral wire (spring) established on a steering column is used. The spiral wire transmits a signal irrespective of the provision of a steering wheel. The pyrotechnic gas generator will transform the operating electric signal to an ignition signal therefore powder decays, inflating a safety cushion bag.


Do not sort any of components an auxiliary security system of SRS. Dismantling of components can put a security system out of action.

Do not install on the car of a safety cushion or other components from other car.

When performing any works on a security system or carrying out electric welding on the car deactivate a security system.

Transport the safety airbag separately, a bag up.

When transporting do not place a hand on a safety cushion.

Exclude hit on a safety cushion of solvents or the clearing substances.

Have no on a safety cushion foreign objects which at expansion of a safety cushion can put serious injuries.


The safety cushion is connected by sockets of orange and blue color. The section of the mother socket consists of two separate parts, one for a safety cushion, and the second for a sound signal. These parts mechanically connect for connection to blue section of the socket of a safety cushion and are fixed by two latches excluding their spontaneous separation. The safety cushion socket section also has the clamps connecting two parts of the socket after their separation. This feature excludes unintentional expansion of a safety cushion. At division of two sections of the socket, first of all it is necessary to disconnect section of the socket of orange color. Connection needs to be carried out in the sequence, the return to separation.

1. From a reverse side of a steering wheel turn out four bolts of fastening of a safety cushion.
2. Separate the safety cushion block from a steering wheel.
3. Disconnect the electric socket of a safety cushion from a spiral wire and remove a safety cushion from the car.


1. Make sure that forward wheels are established directly forward.
2. Holding a safety cushion at the maximum distance, connect blue sockets then connect orange sockets.


Consecutive connection of orange and blue sockets their only correct connection. When sockets are properly assembled, making insignificant effort, shift them together before accurately heard click. If for connection of sockets it is necessary to make considerable effort, so sockets are assembled incorrectly.

3. Establish a safety cushion on a steering wheel, at the same time be careful not to clamp a plait of wires.
4. Fix a safety cushion by four bolts, having tightened them the required moment.

Inhaling moment: 8–12 N • m
5. Check lack of codes of malfunction of a safety cushion.


If the spiral wire was removed, establish it as appropriate.