18:23. Safety cushion of the forward passenger


You do not carry out service of a safety cushion or electric components at the connected safety cushion.


1. Turn out two screws in corners of the basis of a ware box and remove a ware box.
2. Remove a side cover and disconnect the electric socket fixed in the T-shaped arm.
3. Turn out two lobbies and two back bolts.
4. Disconnect the electric socket of a safety cushion from a plait of wires.


The safety cushion is connected by sockets of orange and blue color. The section of the mother socket consists of two separate parts, one for a safety cushion, and the second for a sound signal. These parts mechanically connect for connection to blue section of the socket of a safety cushion and are fixed by two latches excluding their spontaneous separation. The safety cushion socket section also has the clamps connecting two parts of the socket after their separation. This feature excludes unintentional expansion of a safety cushion. At division of two sections of the socket, first of all it is necessary to disconnect section of the socket of orange color. Connection needs to be carried out in the sequence, the return to separation.

5. Remove a safety cushion from the dashboard.



Be careful that at installation of a safety cushion not to clamp a plait of wires between dashboard components. Loops and a perezhatiya of a plait of wires can bring to violation of an electric power-supply circuit of a safety cushion.

1. Connect the safety cushion socket to a plait of wires of the car.
2. Establish a safety cushion of the forward passenger.
3. Fix a safety cushion by four bolts, having tightened them the required moment.

Inhaling moment: 8–12 N • m
4. Establish a ware box and fix it by two screws.
5. Check lack of codes of malfunction of a safety cushion.