18.5. Check of level and density of electrolyte and charging

1. Check the level of electrolyte which has to be between the tags of "UPPER LEVEL" and "LOWER LEVEL" located on the case of the rechargeable battery.
2. If level is lower than admissible, add the distilled water to a tag of "UPPER LEVEL".
3. At a small annual run of the car density of electrolyte is recommended to check each 3 months and to compare the received results to the data provided in the table.
It is above 25 °C
It is below 25 °C
Completely charged battery
1,21 – 1,23
1,27 – 1,29
Loaded for 70%
1,17 – 1,19
1,23 – 1,25
1,05 – 1,07
1,11 – 1,13
4. At suspicion on malfunction of the rechargeable battery compare electrolyte density in banks which has to differ no more than on 0,04. Otherwise plates are damaged, or there is an electrolyte leak.
5. If density differs in the specified limits, and the battery is discharged, then it should be loaded.

Testing of degree of charging of the rechargeable battery