18.9. Starter

Arrangement of elements of blocking of a starter

1 – starter;
2 – switch of provision of a pedal of coupling;
3 – coupling pedal

The starter is an electric motor of a direct current with the mixed excitement and the electromagnetic traction relay. The starter consists of the stator (case) with excitement windings (coils), anchors with the obgonny coupling, covers with brush holders and the traction relay.

At inclusion of a starter, through a winding of the traction relay of a starter current from the rechargeable battery begins to proceed, the anchor of the relay is involved and contacts of the relay become isolated. At the same time the relay anchor via the lever moves the obgonny coupling with a gear wheel. The nave of the obgonny coupling turns on screw vents of a shaft of a starter together with a gear wheel that facilitates input it in gearing with a gear wreath of a flywheel. Through the closed contacts of the traction relay there is a current feeding windings of the stator and an anchor, and the anchor of a starter begins to rotate together with a nave and the obgonny coupling.

After the engine begins to work, the frequency of rotation of a gear wheel exceeds the frequency of rotation of an anchor of a starter, the obgonny coupling is freely turned, and the torque is not transferred from a flywheel to a starter shaft. After an ignition key otpuskaniye the power-supply circuit of a winding of the traction relay is disconnected, the anchor of the traction relay is wrung out by a spring in a starting position, contacts of the relay are disconnected, and the gear wheel of the drive leaves gearing with a gear wreath of a flywheel.