3.3. Replacement of engine oil



When replacing engine oil be careful as oil hotter and it is possible to get burns.

1. Warm up the engine up to the normal working temperature and switch off it. Install the pallet for collecting the flowed-out oil.
2. Uncover an oil-filling mouth and turn out a stopper of discharge of oil from the oil pallet.
3. Wait until all oil flows down from the oil pallet.
4. Screw a stopper of discharge of oil with new laying.

Inhaling moments: 29–41 N • m
5. Fill in necessary amount of the required engine oil in the engine.
6. Establish a cover on an oil-filling mouth.
7. Launch the engine and check lack of leak of oil.
8. Check the level of engine oil and, if necessary, bring it to norm.

Capacity of the oil pallet:
TED: 3,6 l
BFD: 3,2 l