4.6. Replacement of cooling liquid


Do not uncover a radiator on the hot engine as the coming-out vapors can lead to severe burns. Close a radiator cover thick rags and slowly turn off a cover before emergence of hissing of the coming-out steam.

After the termination of a steam-out slowly turn off, and uncover a radiator.

Do not use as cooling liquid alcohol or cooling liquid on the basis of methanol. Use only the distilled water in mix with antifreeze.

1. Uncover a radiator and turn out a stopper of discharge of cooling liquid.
2. Merge cooling liquid in a suitable container.
3. Wash out the cooling system a pure stream and merge water from the cooling system.
4. Screw into place a stopper of discharge of cooling liquid.
5. Fill in cooling liquid on the basis of ethylene glycol in the cooling system. Cooling system capacity: 6 l
6. Launch the engine with an open cover of a radiator before warming up of the top hose of a radiator.
7. During the operation of the engine at a frequency of idling add cooling liquid until it reaches a bulk mouth of a radiator.
8. Establish a radiator cover.
9. Cool the engine and check the level of cooling liquid.