5. Power supply system and release

Power supply system air

The air coming to the engine is purified by the air filter and, mixing up with fuel, forms the fuel mix which is burning down in engine cylinders.

The power supply system air consists of the following knots:

      – air filter;
      – resonant camera;
      – air consumption measuring instrument sensor;
      – throttle knot;
      – inlet collector;
      - valve of a control system of idling rotation frequency.

The sensor of the measuring instrument of a consumption of air measures amount of the air coming to the engine and transmits a signal to the control unit.
The resonant camera suppresses the noise caused by an air pulsation.

The throttle knot includes:

      – sensor of provision of a butterfly valve;
      - valve of a control system of idling rotation frequency.

The system of idling provides to giving of a small amount of air bypassing throttle knot for ensuring frequency of rotation of idling.

System of production of the fulfilled gases

The fulfilled gases contain mainly nitrogen (N2), and also carbon monoxide (SO), carbon dioxide (CO2), water vapor (H2O), oxygen (O2), oxides of nitrogen (NOX), hydrogen (H2) and various not burned up hydrocarbons (NANOSECONDS). Rub from these components - CO, NOX and NANOSECONDS are the most serious pollutants of air therefore their emissions in the atmosphere have to cope.

The catalytic converter established in system of production of the fulfilled gases works as the gas reactor for reduction of level of the pollutants released into the atmosphere. All internal volume of the case is filled with a ceramic porous monolith, representing the ordinary filter which internal and external surface of a time contacting to gases is covered with very thin molecular layer of alloy from the active catalytic agent containing platinum, rhodium and palladium.

In catalytic converter there is a reaction as a result of which dangerous hydrocarbon and carbon monoxide in the fulfilled gases turn into safe gases and water vapor.

Power supply system elements air

1 – zabornik of fresh air;
2 – inlet air branch pipe;
3 – case of the air filter;
4 – air consumption measuring instrument;
5 – the resonant camera (only on the TED engine

1. Remove power supply system elements air in the sequence designated by figures on rice. Power supply system elements air.
2. Visually check a condition of elements of a power supply system air and, if necessary, restore or replace them.


Installation is made in the sequence, the return to removal.