6.4. Check of residual pressure in fuel system

1. Disconnect a wire from the negative plug of the rechargeable battery.


The fuel system remains under pressure, even after switching off of the engine therefore before a detachment of pipelines, it is necessary to take off pressure in fuel system.

2. Take off pressure in fuel system.
3. Lift the car.
4. Connect the measuring OK2A1 131 110 device A about the fuel filter.
5. Connect a wire to the negative plug of the rechargeable battery.
6. An additional wire connect the FUEL PUMP plugs (the fuel pump) and B+ of the diagnostic socket.
7. Include ignition no more than on 10 with therefore the fuel pump will begin to work and will create the required pressure in fuel system. If ignition to leave included more than on 10 with, the additional wire will strongly heat up. Check lack of leak of fuel from fuel system.
8. Switch off ignition and remove additional the wire connecting plugs of the diagnostic socket.
9. In 15 min. check pressure in fuel system.

Residual pressure in fuel system: 180 kPa

10. If pressure less demanded check the fuel pump, the regulator of pressure and fuel nozzles.