6.9. Check of fuel nozzles

1. Launch the engine and warm up it up to the normal working temperature. Leave the engine to work at idling rotation frequency.


Gasoline is explosive therefore during the work with elements of fuel system provide normal ventilation of a workplace, do not use fire, the sparking devices opened by fire-dangerous light devices and you do not smoke.

2. A stethoscope or the screw-driver listen to the sounds created by nozzles during their work.
3. In the absence of the sounds created by nozzles during their work measure resistance of nozzles.
4. If resistance of nozzles as it should be, check integrity of electric chains between fuel nozzles and contacts of 3, 32, 31 4 (TED) or contacts 30, 53, 4, 25 (BFD) sockets of an electronic control unit the engine.