8.2. Pumping of hydraulic system of the drive of coupling

Any hydraulic system works normally if air is removed from it.


Liquid in an additional tank of the brake system has to be supported at the level of 3/4 or is higher in the course of pumping.

During removal of air add only pure liquid recommended by the manufacturer. The liquid used in the hydraulic drive dissolves paint and plastic therefore at hit of liquid on a paint and varnish covering of the car wash out its large number waters.

1. Lift the car and fix on support.
2. Turn out seven screws and remove an antisplash guard of a motor compartment.
3. Turn off a cover from the union of pumping and attach to it a hose.

4. Arrange other end of a hose in glass capacity, sufficient volume.
5. Slowly press a coupling pedal several times.
6. At the pressed pedal of coupling weaken the union of pumping and let out the air from hydraulic system.
7. Tighten the union of pumping and release a coupling pedal.
8. Repeat operations 5-6 until there is a brake fluid without vials of air.
9. Check correctness of work of coupling.

10. Screw a cover on the pumping union.

11. Establish an antisplash guard of a motor compartment and fix by its seven screws.
12. Lower the car.